Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the rate/hour at Ace your math?

The standard rate is 275 to 300 AED/hour, depending on the level and frequency of classes/week. The classes are 1 to 1.

3. What are the duration and fees of the group classes?

Our standard group classes are 12 to 16 weeks duration and 3 hours a week. We offer 36 to 48 hours with the price range from 4000 to 6000 AED depending on the course. Maximum slots are 10 per course.

5. How do we book the slot for the registered course?

It depends on the availability of the slot from a tutor. Most slots are booked in advance for the coming month. It is advised to follow the same time slot regularly.

7. If the slots are not available for a tutor, can ace your math provide other tutors

Ace your math can only recommend other shortlisted tutors, but we are not responsible for the availability of said tutors.

9. How does ace your math works?

Ace your math is a complete online tutoring solution where students can register for a wide range of mathematics classes.  Our tutoring sessions take place in our convenient online classroom; we frequently upgrade many new features for a better learning experience.

11. What training and expertise do your tutors have?

The tutors at Ace your math are selected with their knowledge in a relevant subject. We include university and college professors, teachers, and professionals with a degree and certification in mathematics with brilliant academic standing.

13. How to contact Ace your math helpline?

At Ace your math, our customer care assistance is available 24/7.  Visit and fill the form with the required information. We will get back and take action on your query at the earliest. You can also reach out to us at  or + 971558148480.

2. Are there any group classes for the same course?

Yes, we offer group classes; however, is subject to available slots and do not cater to any individual needs, but it’s is ideal for a revision purpose of concepts and questions.

4. How many hours does it take to complete a Course?

It depends on the course and curriculum. Usually, we offer extra help to understand the topics to students who are practicing their weak areas. The key here is to move parallel to the content taught in school to have better grades.

6. Is there any minimum number of hours to be purchased?

There are no minimum hours neither we offer any demo classes. The tutor is well versed in the subject, and if students don’t feel comfortable in the beginning, they are free to withdraw from the course.

8. What are the duties of tutors to ace your math?

It is our priority to guide students to math homework, bring new topics to build a clearer understanding, and strengthen their confidence through challenging exercises.

10. Can I get free trial classes?

No, Ace your math doesn’t offer any free trial classes.

12. What happens if I miss my session?

If you cannot attend your scheduled session, notify us by phone, + 971558148480 or email at least one hour before starting your class. The online schedule portal will automatically restrict students who miss two sessions without any notice.